Academic Lecture for international students(13th October 2017)

TOPIC:A Brief Intruoduction of Precision Medicine

Lecturer:Haijun Zhang, Ph.D.

               Weill Cornell Medical College

Location: Conference room on 4th floor in Administration Building

                  Fuyan Mountain Campus

Time: 10:10 am,13th October 2017


Haijun Zhang, Ph. D. works in School of Medicine of Cornell University, mainly engages in individualized medical research, serves as the editor of “Medicine” and the magazine consultantofAdvances in Therapy, Biologics in Therapy. He also is the member of American Thoracic Society,the peer evaluation expert of 20 international academic journals .Once he participated in a number of research projects which was funded by the National Institutes of health, the U.S. Department of defense,China National Natural Science Fund and etc. He published 10 SCI papers as the first writer orcorresponding writer, 2 papers in the international academic conference and cooperated with a number of well-known international pharmaceutical companies for the new drug development.







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