Weifang Medical University General Regulations of Recruiting International Students in 2017



Weifang Medical University General Regulations of Recruiting International Students in 2017

 Weifang Medical University

General Regulations of Recruiting International Students in 2017


MBBS (6 academic years)


REQUIREMENTShealthy,18 to 28 years old; non-Chinese nationality; hold high school diploma or higher diploma; excellent in English,No criminal record, Enough economic ability.

ADMISSION TIMEbefore Sept. 15,2017


1. Application Form of Weifang Medical University

2. Copy of Passport

3. Highest Educational Certificate


5.No Criminal Record Proof

6.Vaccination Certificate

7.Economic Guarantee Letter


1. Registration Fee: 500(nonrefundable)

2. Tuition Fee:

Undergraduate Program: 22000/ Academic Year

3. Accommodation:

4500/ Academic Year/Student (2 students share one room)

2500/ Academic Year/Student (4 students share one room)

4. Foreigners Comprehensive Insurance Premium: 600/ Academic Year

5. Textbooks, lecture handouts, and teaching materials: pay according to their actual cost.

6. Food and medical expenses: pay by students themselves.

7. Scholarship: according to interview and entrance exam result, excellent students will be provided excellent international students scholarship.


Online registration: log on Http://wsglxt.wfmc.edu.cn, register and submit materials accordingly,and ensure the authenticity of the application materials. If the application materials are found fake, the admission qualification will be cancelled.


Double room or four-people room. Single bed, desk, wardrobe, wireless network, private bathroom, public kitchen


International students should take the entrance exam including written exam and interview to evaluate students study basis and language level. If their results meet required standard, they can enter into our university.After being approved, the Application Form for Foreign Student Visa (JW202 Form) and Admission Letter will be sent to the applicant. Students then take the “Admission Letter and JW202 Form to the Chinese embassy to apply for visa (X1 visa). Arrive in Weifang and register within the scheduled time in the admission letter.


According to the date in admission letter, international students should arrive in school and register within the period. If students can not arrive in school within the scheduled time, they will be regarded as giving up entrance qualification.                   


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