发现汉字之美留学生书法学习活动 Chinese Writing Competition 2016



Hello, folks

The study department of ISU has conducted the chinese writing competition. Many students actively participated in the competition. 80 students took part in the competition. It was mentioned by the judges that it was very difficult job for them to determine the placements, but every competition deserves a winner and a runner anyway, 26 students were awarded. It is always a stepping stone for success who didn't win a prize but gave a very tough competition.


Top 3 Students who won the competition

As a part of award , 26 students got a chance to attend the proffestional seminar on chinese calligraphy on 30th Nov.2016.

The evening was decorated with the presence of Mr.JIANG JIA QI's lecture on calligraphy.The seminar went on for one and a half hour.The importance of chinese is very well elucidated.

You know there are special tools in calligraphy

Four Treasures of Study

            Chinese brush                  Inkstone

            Rice paper                       Chinese ink

The evolution of chinese characters


 Method to hold a brush


Strokes in chinese characters


 Carefully listen to the lecture


Mr Jiang's work


Anyone who visits china should experience the beauty of calligraphy.


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