Weifang Medical University 2018 Admission Brochure for International Postgraduates

Weifang Medical University 2018 Admission Brochure for International Postgraduates


I. Admission major and Numbers

The university plans to recruit 3-5 students. The enrollment majors are medical and related majors (please refer to postgraduates tutor list of Weifang Medical University), students will be granted a master degree, and the degree will be academic type.


II. School System and Teaching Language

The master degree study has to complete 3 years. In any case applicant’s study duration less than 3 years cannot apply for graduation. 

The language of teaching will be either in English or Chinese.


II.Application Requirements

1.Applicants with other nationalities other than Chinese should be under 35 year-old and have a Scientific or Medical Bachelor degree of a university. Master program applications should be the same or closely related to the undergraduate program.

2.Applicants who hold foreign passports, are in good health, have no illegal and criminal record, are willing to consciously abide by Chinese laws and rules and regulations of the university, respect the Chinese people's customs and habits are eligible to apply as international students in our university.

3.Applicants should have passed the HSK4 or above, and have excellent academic performance in the undergraduate stage, and are recommended by two professors or associate professors.

4.Graduation Requirement: students should complete the prescribed courses and publish one paper in Chinese or English and pass the defense of thesis. The thesis writing and defense should be conducted in Chinese.


III. The Application Method and Application Time

Applicants must submit or send a written application to the School of International Education of WFMU. They can also submit the application by sending an electronic version of the application to the Postgraduate Admissions Mailbox of the School of International Education of WFMU. Applicants must submit application materials before the deadline. Whether they are admitted or not, the applicant’s materials will not be returned.

It is recommended that applicants send application materials through the following courier companies:

Domestic: SF Express or EMS; Foreign: DHL;

Application deadline: June 30, 2018.


IV. Materials Required for Application (A4 size, jpg format, each attachment is less than 0.5MB)

1. WFMU Admission Application Form for International Students (only completed in the system);

2.Copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (the original will be kept by themselves ). The form should be filled in English. Applicants should strictly do physical check-up according to the items required in the form. It will be invalid if there are some required physical examination items that haven’t been done, such as no applicants photo, no connective seal on the photo, no signature and seal of physician and hospital. As the result of the examination is valid for 6 months, the applicants should determine the time of their physical examination by their own condition. Please bring the original reports to the university for enrollment;

3. Highest diploma and academic degree(notarized photocopy). (certificates in other languages other than Chinese or English must be accompanied by notarized translation versions in Chinese or English. New graduates must submit a pre-graduation certificate);

4. Study transcripts for undergraduate courses.

5.Personal statement. Applicants must submit their own self-introduction, learning experience and study purpose in Chinese or English. (Not less than 1000 words);

6.No criminal record certificate(Applicants for undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Chinese universities can ask their universities to offer the certificates to our university);

7.English or Chinese proficiency certificate. (e.g. HSK-4 or above, TOEFL 80 points or above, IELTS 5.5 or above, GRE achievement certificate);

8.A copy of a valid ordinary passport.

9.Two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English from professors or associate professors in their undergraduates.

10.If applicants have a work experience applicant, please provide a notarized proof of work; other materials that can prove professional or personal background.

(Note: the above materials will not be returned whether the applicants is admitted or not; if the materials are incomplete, they will not be accepted; if applicants who submit fake materials, their enrollment qualifications will be canceled .)


V. Fees (CNY)

1.Tuition: ¥30,000/ academic year

2. In the first year, students can apply for a full scholarship of ¥30,000 for foreign students from Shandong Provincial Government. From the second year, the school will provide ¥15,000 per year by the form of academic scholarships.

3. Health Insurance: ¥600/year;

4.Accommodation: twin room, ¥5000/ academic year / person.

5. Medical examination fees, residence permit fees, etc. are charged according to regulations.


VI. Admission and Notification

1. The school reviews the applicant's application materials;

2. Inform the exam that you need to bring the application materials for verification when the exam is passed;

3. After approval by Weifang Medical University, the applicants will be notified from July to August, and related admission materials such as the Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China (JW202) will be issued.

VII. Admission Time

September 2018.

VIII. Contact Information

Contact: Andy, School of International Education, Weifang Medical University

Address: Room 450, Administration Building, No. 7166 Baotong West Street, Weicheng District, Weifang, Shandong, China

Website: http://wsc.wfmc.edu.cn/

Tel: 86-536-8462232/33  Zip Code: 261053

E-mail: admission@wfmc.edu.cn

Wechat Official Account: lxwy-2016

Online Application System: http://wsglxt.wfmc.edu.cn/en/student/register


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